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Our aspiration  

is to  reflect the glory of

our Heavenly Father

while inspiring

others to live a life above the natural.


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Programs for Certification

Spiritual Director

     Becoming a spiritual director is first step in becoming more adept at noticing the workings of the Spirit in others.  The ministry of spiritual direction involves transformation and education.  The ministry of spiritual direction will expand your church’s ministry of pastoral care.   You will become more skilled in helping others to experience God and recognize the movement of the Holy Spirit within themselves.

Ministerial Operations

     Strengthen spiritual formation practices and ministerial skills, grow in awareness of basic systems that people operate in, enhance interpersonal skills, and establish necessary plans for eMinistry in modern society. Participating in small group meetings, to provide safe spiritual direction, and one-with-one assistance to others on their journey with God.  

Healing Ministry

     Assisting others to maintain a healthful balance, advocating the nurturing the whole self, edifying the  physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wholeness.  Articulate the biblical narrative in spiritual response to the most pressing critical health issues for the mind, body, and spirit.  

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